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Marijuana or cannabis sativa is an annual plant that is easy to grow without the need for special maintenance. This plant grows in temperate climates. The tree is quite dense and thrives in the tropics. He planted and grows wild in the undergrowth. One of the main characteristic is the pointed and the leaf shaped radius odd (5, 7 or 9) . Latest research of Marijuana Doctors Florida on marijuana lead to the conclusion, from the stem and roots can be obtained strong fibers, leaves can be used by Florida Medical Marijuana to make the drug, while the flowers and seeds can be obtained fuel oil (BBM) for the upscale cars.

Hemp, both smooth and rough all be utilized by some list of medical marijuana doctors in florida. Medically, cannabis is widely used to treat glaucoma, and proved to be effective for treating depression, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, anxiety, migraine, and other menstrual problems.

Of the fine fiber can be made very fine fabric (as silk), while the rough is used to make rope and clothing are very strong for the benefit of fishermen and factory workers clothing, can also be an alternative to a mixture of materials that require fiber components. This means that other alternatives in addition fiberglass.