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Currently, it has a private business is no longer a foreign thing. In fact, many young people expect to have their own businesses for saving money as written on The expectation that no longer need to work in the office from morning till night and waiting salary dropped every month, makes you the boss in your own work. Less favors what else?

Unfortunately, the dream of owning your own business is often stopped because there is no capital to make it happen. Capital constraints often make prospective employers broke prematurely. When in fact, there are many ways to get the capital you need. No need to bother applying for loans to banks, 8 effort you can do for the sake of winning a capital.

  1. For startup capital in fact you could be a little frugal and set aside savings

One of the easiest source to get venture capital is of your own personal pocket. Not only is it easy, using the money for personal savings also have a minimal risk because you are not burdened by extra charges or interest on loans. So, if your efforts have not turnover or achieve big profits, you do not need a loss to find a way to pay the additional cost.

  1. The assets and valuables that are rarely used, you can sell for extra capital

You can sell your old gadgets series and various kinds of garments, bags, and shoes through a garage sale. Washing machine you could also sell and get used to wash your hands. By doing so, you can get a pretty good additional capital to start your business.

  1. Still not willing to sell personal belongings? Save it first in pawn broking

Sure, selling goods that have been held so long that it feels heavy. Moreover, if bought from the sweat and toil alone. Well, if you really feel that way, personal items of value that does not need you to sell, really. You only need to “hold” while the goods are in institutions pawnshops.

Pawn these items quite safe, really. The process is quick, relatively lower interest rates compared with the bank, and you can arrange your own damn cash flow in order to make up for the things you mortgaged.

  1. Can the capital only with a laptop and internet? Can really through crowdfunding sites!

Raising capital not only have to work hard and sacrifice a lot of things. There are easier ways to raise capital, even the capital only a laptop and internet only, ie crowdfunding. The system is owned by crowdfunding is actually quite similar to the sponsorship. You only need to create a neat and attractive concept, and actively publicize the link on your project so that many people who visit, interested, and eventually give the capital.

  1. You and your friends can work together to establish a business.

Capital became more lenient as borne along. If there is a friend or relative who has a desire to strive in the same field, why do not you just take advantage of this opportunity to work together? Own capital could be borne by both, when there is a problem can also be shouldered jointly.