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We would all like to travel more. Most of us dream of exotic destinations and travel to some tropical paradise. Money is what keeps most of us from going to all the places we want to see. It is a barrier between us and adventure. Here are some tips to make travel more affordable for you.

Use comparative shopping tools that are available on the internet. Sites like Expedia or Travelocity can save you a lot of money. They aggregate many different hotels and airlines into one convenient database application, to show you the best prices. Not using them is like leaving money on the table. For hotels for example, Trivago has over 1,000,000 hotels listed. You can find deals all over the world.

Check alternative dates for travel. If you plan on flying out on a Friday, check Thursday’s prices. The amount you save might pay for an extra night at the hotel and some more time for adventures. If you stay over a weekend, you will generally save money.

Book early. If you book air travel at the last minute you will pay the highest rates. One flight might cost $1500 if you book the day before, $500 the week before and only cost $250 if booked over two weeks in advance.

Check alternative airports. Especially if you are traveling abroad, there can be a tremendous difference in price between nearby airports. For example, if you are traveling to Cambodia, it is cheaper to fly to Bangkok, Thailand than to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Take a quick shuttle ride over the border and you could save thousands of dollars on your flight.

Rent cars when you get to your destination. You could save tons of money on taxi’s and other forms of a local travel. For a special experience, get deals on luxury rental cars from Sixt.

Make use of local travel options, like tuk-tuks and local “chicken buses” in other countries. In many 3rd world countries, you could pay the equivalent of 25 cents to a dollar to go 10-20 miles.

Do your research. Before you go to a new country, get the Lonely Planet guide book for the area. It will show you tons of local information about hotels, restaurants and local transportation that could save you a third or more off the total cost of your trip.