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Today’s business and communication with the public is much more complex than before. Creating an image of your company is much harder today but at the same time, it’s so easy to lose points in the eyes of your customers. This means further selling of your products can become impossible which eventually can lead to a complete collapse of the firm.

That’s why almost all serious companies today invest in an independent PR team that will take care of their look while they worry about creating high-quality products. Even though traditional marketing and public relations are different, these two branches working together can not only save your products from failing but can create an even bigger revenue.

So, how to choose the best public relations firm? Read this below and learn all about it.

Look up their track record

Every PR company has their own website. Check it out. See who they worked with and who they still work with. Find their previous campaigns and see if they did well. Basically, a good company will have something to show behind them.

If they were involved in creating video commercials, see their work. A good ad is being remembered and if it something they did that’s great, you’ll surely remember when it was popular. A good PR firm is the one that people remember and talk about.

Ask for their specialty

This is highly important. If you’re a clinic that is looking for someone to represent you and the guys you’re about to make an agreement are some who are specialized in making fun ads for company products, then you’re going in a wrong direction.

All PR companies focus on some field over time. They might start as a firm who does everything but once they do something good in one field it’s hard to become popular in another. For example, if they represented a clinic and did a great job, all other clinics will ask for their help. Over time, they’ll see that this is profitable and will try to employ even more people experienced and specialized in this field. See more about PR specialties here.

Check the internet for testimonies

It’s not always about being skilled and educated. Running a PR company means being a good listener and a good provider of ideas. It means to be able to do a perfect project according to the needs and wishes of the client.

Looking on the internet for testimonies of previous clients will tell if the specific one has these qualities. If you find out that the owner was rude and arrogant, you can be sure that this is something you might experience too. Paying for something means getting not just a good product, but getting the needed attention too.

Ability to work as a team

As we already said, it’s not just about being skilled. As a business, you have your own ideas about how you want your business to look like. You have your own marketing team employed that is also skilled and know what is doing.

Trying to connect an independent company with your team means to cross two streams. Like two rivers creating one. The two teams must be able to communicate, listen to each other and work as a team if they want to do a perfect campaign. If you see that the guys you hire are stubborn, always think they know best and accept no ideas from your marketing staff, then you can be sure that the end product will be a failure.  See some of the biggest PR fails in 2018 here:


People working in marketing charge a lot for their services. However, this is something that pays off in the end. Don’t save money on a great PR team because this can only make a good outcome.

Of course, going through everything mentioned above will tell you if the company you’re about to work with deserves to be paid as much as they ask. The final decision should be something that compromises between skills, abilities, track record and the amount they ask for.

You shouldn’t pay extreme sums to someone who didn’t do anything special in their career. On the other hand, a company that is proven to be perfect is the one that you need no matter the price.